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Jason Rodriguez

Jason was born and raised in New York City.  His artistic abilities were very evident from a young age, even as a toddler Jason was already illustrating well beyond his years.  His art was exhibited on NYC channel 13 before the age of 6.   He attended Manhattan's High School of Art and Design, and went on to receive degrees in Graphic Design and Digital Multimedia from Gibbs College and the University of Bridgeport. 

Jason's influences date back to the classic Universal Silver Screen horror films which is apparent in his current interests and work.  He has and always will be a sci-fi and horror memorabilia and collectibles aficionado. Some of his personal favorites are Star Wars and Master's of the Universe second only to the classic silver screen Universal Monsters.  Now-a-days Jason is a primarily a Sidehow, Medicom, Hot Toys and Majestic Studios 1/6 scale collector, particularly anything creature, cyborg, cyber-human or super natural related.  Jason's skills range from conceptualization to creative direction and everything in-between.  He partakes in just about anything creative he possibly can and has excelled at everything he takes interest in.  He is naturally multi-talented and creative and anyone who truly knows Jason knows that this is his sole purpose in life.   Jason has a very likable demeanor and is completely approachable, good natured and young at heart.  He now lives in the high desert of California. For more information about his role on the show check out the Credits page.

 Wendy Olafson

Wendy was born in New York and raised in upstate Connecticut.  Her mother was born in Spain and her father was born in Canada and of Icelandic decent.   She attended school in New Fairfield, CT and earned a degree in Math with Computer Science from Western Connecticut State University. 

Wendy has always had an interest in collectibles her first job was at a specialty collectibles store at her local mall.  Here her interests in entertainment where sparked when she was scouted by a modeling agency in her early teens.  She took classes for modeling and acting to develop her skills.  Her natural gifts in mathematics where encouraged by her father who was an engineer.  She enrolled in college and received a degree in Math and Computer Science.  A job offer immediately after graduation drove her farther away from the entertainment field.  But after a few years the yearning to pursue her dreams started to resurface.  She began working on as many projects as she could in her free time to get back into the swing of things.  In Connecticut she became known as a versatile actress able to portray a wide array of characters.  Wendy has since worked on over 30 different projects.  Wendy loves movies and particularly likes Science Fiction, Horror, Thrillers, and Dark Comedy.  She has collected a large range of items over the years from Disney collectibles and action figures, Swarovski crystal figures, Wee Forest Folk, Kystonian statues, Windstone Dragons, and in the last 5 years Sideshow and Hot Toys figures.  She now resides in the high desert of California.  For more information about her role on the show check out the Credits page.